ERROR: No data to retrieve in Query1

The Business Object report throws the following error when executed or when the data is refreshed:

No data to retrieve in Query1

There could be a number of issues with this error. Some potential issues follow:

Insufficient permissions. The user may have insufficient access rights to run this query.

The database/BSAE connection has been dropped in BO.

The specified data does not exist.

The following actions are a good starting point to deal with this kind of error.

a) Permissions: The execution should be attempted with admin rights, or the permissions should be readjusted.

b) It is possible the Business Objects (BO) connection to Automation Reporter core or database has been dropped.

Stop BO (/etc/init.d/bsae-bo stop)

Stop BSAE (/etc/init.d/opsware-omdb stop)

Start BO (/etc/init.d/bsae-bo start)

Start BSAE (/etc/init.d/opsware-omdb start)

BO should always be started before BSAE. The startup time is about 10-15 minutes, so enough time should be allowed to pass before the report testing takes place again.

c) It is possible that there was no data for that specific date selection. A wider date range should be attempted. In addition – to gain a better understanding of the data – one could view the SQL used in the "Edit Query" form and comment out some of the date conditions to see if any data gets returned when no date range is specified.

Another reason why the data does not exist is also when the data has not made it into BSAE yet. If the data is too recent then enough time should be allowed to pass for the data to be mined and, after they are mined, the Nightly Job should be executed.

/opt/opsware/omdb/contrib/ 5

The nightly job should be run through the JMX-console and not the command line. The command line does not work in all situations.


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