BSAE: Reports cannot be run in the web client

The following message may appear while attempting to run a report in BSAE (Business Service Automation Essentials) web client (also known as BusinessObjects (BO)):

A database error occurred. The database error text is: SQL statement to execute cannot be empty or null. (WIS 10901)

This message can be caused by a number of situations.

The most common cause of the problem is that the end user created some criteria that resulted in a no data condition.

The next most common cause is that BSAE was restarted but the web interface (bsae-bo) was not restarted at the same time.

The end user can review the report criteria and make sure it is appropriate. If it is correct then the following procedure can be used to restart BSAE correctly.

Restart BusinessObjects (BO):

1) Logon to the BSAE server via SSH as root

2) Restart BO:

/etc/init.d/bsae-bo restart

Import datamined users from Server Automation to BSAE in shorter intervals

How to get Business Service Automation Essentials (BSAE) user information updated more frequently when a change is made in the Server Automation (SA) side.

In other words, decrease the time needed by SA to update BSAE with a new user creation.

This command:

# grep /etc/opt/opsware/omdb/

Will let the user check the actual interval used by the system to import new users.

The default value is 900000(15 minutes). Change this value to any value you consider useful for system’s environment. Just be aware that decreasing too much this interval will generate more traffic on the network.

To edit this file just:

# vi /etc/opt/opsware/omdb/

SAR/BSAE ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Error messages similar to the following may be seen in the dataminer.log files:

2010-09-16T03:43:15.099Z – [] INFO – – – – – "Query Mine: for table SAS_VIRTUAL_CENTER_TYPE"

2010-09-16T03:43:15.101Z – [] FATAL – – – – – "java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist – ORA-00942: table or view does not exist"

2010-09-16T03:43:15.101Z – [] FATAL – – – – – "From: table SAS_VIRTUAL_CENTER_TYPE with SELECT NULL AS INPUT0, SYSDATE AS INPUT1, typeops.virtual_mgr_srvc_type_name AS INPUT2, typeops.display_name AS INPUT3, typeops.version AS INPUT4, typeops.vendor AS INPUT5, typeops.description AS INPUT6 FROM truth.virtual_mgr_srvc_type typeops"

2010-09-16T03:43:15.101Z – [] FATAL – – – – – "query miner problem ORA-00942: table or view does not exist"

2010-09-16T03:43:15.160Z – [] INFO – – – – – "TASK-DMQueryMiner collected 40362 rows from 40362 examined data points in 0.0 seconds

2010-09-16T14:06:22.072Z – [] INFO – – – – – "Current ETL has aged, will check for updates"

2010-09-16T14:06:22.085Z – [] ERROR – – – – – "Cannot retrieve current ETL WSClient: getCurrentETL:156 Connection refused; nested exception is: Connection refused"

2010-09-16T14:06:22.085Z – [] WARN – – – – – "WebServices failed to provide etl, authorization or connection error

The most common cause of this problem is that the correct schema owner is not set in the dataminer configuration for the source database.

On the Business Service Automation Essentials (BSAE) application server perform the following task to correct this problem.

1. cd /opt/opsware/omdb/bin

2. ./ –list

1. You may be prompted for a password. If prompted the password will be the password of the CMDB_ADMIN user.

2. Write down the name of the dataminer experiencing the problem from the above list.

3. ./ –update –name {dataminer name noted in previous step} –settings EtlTableWonerOverride={Schema Owner}

Example. Let’s say the dataminer name is NA-75 and the schema owner for the NA data is NASADMIN. The update line would look like this:

./ –update –name NA-75 –settings EtlTableWonerOverride=NASADMIN

On the machine where the dataminer is installed complete these task to complete the correction.

1. cd to the dataminer installation directory (Default=/opt/opsware/dataminer)

2. ./ restart

3. Monitor the dataminer.log to confirm that the error message is no longer present.