Unable to find import util /opt/opsware/hpln/lnc/util/anr_policy_creator.pyc error

While importing the Live Network libraries using /opt/opsware/hpln/lnc/bin/live-network-connector, the following error is obtained:

Unable to find import util /opt/opsware/hpln/lnc/util/anr_policy_creator.pyc !.

From the HPLN User Guide:

"… security.cc_library stream is a prerequisite stream that enables all SA compliance streams".

If this stream isn’t imported properly, no SA compliance stream will succeed. This explains why A&R Dynamic Policy fails.

Alternative solution

copy the file from another HPLN installation


Please note all of the currently enabled streams (those with a value of one via: live-network-connector read-config and a value of 1, starting with either content.<stream name> or security.<stream name>).

Disable all of the existing streams, via:

live-network-connector write-config –stream=<stream, e.g. content.ms_patch_supp> –disable

Repeat this for all currently enabled streams. (Leave the product9s) enabled, however)

then execute:

live-network-connector download-import –reload –debug

This will effectively force a reload of ‘core LNc’ which will include the product specific profiles, content handlers, and the policy creator utility.

Save this log file off in the event this doesn’t get you through this issue.

Then go ahead and enable one of the problem streams (just this pair for now), e.g.

then try to do your import:

live-network-connector write-config –stream=security.cc_library –enable

live-network-connector write-config –stream=security.cc_pci_unix –enable

live-network-connector download-import –debug


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