Browser crashes when recording Ajax C&S protocol

When recording a script using Ajax Click and script protocol, browser crashes.

The crash is due to some of the Ajax specific calls that are present in browser.

We can fix this issue by the following steps:

1. Go to <LR Install Dir>\dat\protocols folder and open the file WebAjax.lrp

2.Under [CustomFunctions] section

Comment out the line DllGetClassObject:jscript.dll=DllGetClassObjectHook:ajax_hooks.dll.

This is specific to Ajax Click and script only.



  1. how to handle the page rendering whwn using ajax true client protocol.
    Details of above question are as follows:
    1. Record a script using ajax true client protocol for a web page which has more objects (thin client).
    2. Replay the above script.
    3. errors re seen because all objects on the page were not getting loaded properly.
    Please help us in handling these issues. Expecting a quick response.

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