Unable to configure a LoadRunner Windows Resource monitor

The LoadRunner Controller returns the following error when the user tries to configure a Windows Resource Monitor on an Application Under Test (AUT) server:

Error: Cannot connect to <AUT Server Name> – Network path cannot be found.

Hint: Check that your login username appears as administrator on this machine

Tips on configuring a Window Resource Monitor:

1. Make sure that you are authorized to monitor the remote machine.

For more information, refer to the post – “ How to ensure proper authentication when using the Windows Resources Monitor “in this site

2. By default, Windows machines enable monitoring only for users with administrator privileges. If you do not have administrative privileges, refer to “ How to enable non-administrator users to remotely monitor a machine with Windows Resource Monitor “ in this site

3. Make sure that "Remote Registry" service is started on the machine that you want to monitor against. To start the "Remote Registry " service:

a. Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> services.

b. Right mouse click on "Remote Registry ", and select <Start>.

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