Error:” Invalid URL” when trying to login to Quality Center

When trying to login to Quality Center (QC) users receive the following error:

Invalid URL

The problem is caused by a product defect.

After a client machine has been used to connect to a Quality Center instance deployed via SSL, subsequent connections to QC are attempted via port 443. This results in a failure to connect to the application.

The defect is known to R&D and a fix is being prepared. The ETA for this patch is not yet known.

The setting is stored in the registry. There are two ways to correct the wrong value:

1) Use the QC WebGate Customization Tool (available at http://qcserver:port/qcbin/Apps) and uncheck the box labeled ‘Login SSL Mode’

2) Open regedit and navigate to the affected key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\TestDirector\WEB\LoginSSLMode. The value should be changed from ‘Y’ to ‘N’.

How to proceed with the migration from ALM 11 to ALM 11.5 when the confidential data passphrase is not known

If the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Configuration Wizard fails and in the upgdare.txt log file the following error is logged:

ERROR: Unable to finalize decryption for the following 16 bytes:

This means that the used confidential data passphrase is wrong.

When upgrading from ALM 11 to ALM 11.5x and the confidential data passphrase is unknown, the old "" file from ALM 11 which was used in the previous installation needs to be used. This file has the encrypted confidential data passphrase inside. It is stored in the <InString> key. This file needs to be placed in <ALM Deployment Path/conf> of the new installation.

Note: Using this file will give the option to keep the current settings. Using this option allows using the same passphrase and change the other values. This workaround will not extract the password from the file.