Hanging occurs when opening some of tool’s dialogs (Open, Save, etc) using Remote Desktop (RDP)

An End-user uses QuickTest Professional (QTP) both physically (in front of machine) and remotely via Remote Desktop (RDP).

When trying working physically everything works fine, however when trying to perform any of the following actions, QTP appears to hang:

•Open an already created test:

1.Going to File menu, access “Open” option and select “Test”

2.On main screen, click on “Open” button

3.Using keyboard combination CTRL + O (ctrl-0, ctrl+o, etc)

•Save a newly created test:

1.Going to File menu, click on “Save” or “Save As” option

2.On main screen, click on “Save” button

3.Using keyboard combination CTRL + S (ctrl-s, ctrl+s, etc)

Note: other tools such as the QTP Script Editor maybe affected by this.

End-user can open test when such are listed under recently opened items of the “File” menu.

The common factor of these options is that such require dialogs which worked fine when last accessed on a non-remote session.

QTP provides a set of configuration files and registry entries per Windows user profile which utilize the tool, such as last location of a dialog however when same windows user logs in to same machine regardless of method (physical or remotely), settings from the last session are saved/stored on the configuration files/registries for that user.

The last location of the dialogs of the options used (Open and Save dialogs as indicated on example scenario) are configured for the session which last used either of them, therefore if for example the machine was used physically with higher resolution or even multiple monitors, another session such as a remote one, would be affected and still try to locate the dialogs on same coordinates, even if it is visually outside of the current display.

Modify location

1.After QTP appears to hang, use keyboard combination: ALT + Spacebar

2.Once a context/pop-up menu shows up, select “Move” option

3.(Important) Use the arrow keys (Up, down, left or/and right)

4.Now your mouse should gain control over the window/dialog to “move”

5.Move window to desired location

Reestablish default settings of only those dialogs

1.Close QTP

2.Navigate to: %appdata%\HP\QuickTest Professional\ (Start > Run > type given path)

3.Delete file “QTOTAWrapper.FileDialogSettings.xml” under following path

4.Start QTP and try again

Rollback entire set of QuickTest Professional’s settings

1.Close QTP

2.Open Windows Registry Editor (Go to the Start menu, select “Run”, type “regedit” and click “Ok”)

3.Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive

4.Right click on “QuickTest Professional” folder, select “Export” and save the file prompted

5.Right click on “QuickTest Professional” folder and select “Delete”\

6.Browse to profile’s application data (Go to the Start menu, select “Run”, type “%appdata%\HP” and click “Ok”) and rename folder called “QuickTest Professional” to “QuickTest Professional.BAK”

7.Launch QTP

If the above does not work, Perform a full clean uninstallation/reinstall of the tool

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