Setting keyword mapping in SAP Solution Manager

After creating some keyword mapping, in SAP Solution Manager, to synchronize some custom fields of SAP Blueprints with User Defined fields (UDF) of ALM Requirements, the synchronization does not seem to work.

For example, as illustrated in the two next screenshots, after setting the keyword mapping in SAP Solution Manager, the next synchronization does not update the requirements’ UDF in ALM:

•Setting keyword mapping in SAP Solution Manager:


•The UDF remains empty after next synchronization:


Apparently, the requirements’ User Defined Fields have been created in the customization of the ALM project but they were not set to be in the requirement type (each requirement type can be customized to contain or not specific UDFs and each new UDF created in an ALM project is, by default, not part of any requirement type).

In the Customization section of the ALM project, the “Requirement Types” option should be modified so each requirement type related to the SAP synchronization (if they are not known, modify every requirement type in the ALM project) is set to have the User Defined Fields in their definition as illustrated in the next screenshot:

•Customize the Requirement type to contain the UDFs:


•The UDFs should be successfully synchronized after this:



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