Verify if SAP Solution Manager is configured to integrate with HP ALM

If there are indications showing that SAP Solution Manager server is not configured correctly:

-The “Connect to HP QC project” option is missing in the menu of the Project Administration section of SAP Solution manager (SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN transaction).


-There is no calculated URL address for BPCA_WS_API (related to BPCA integration).


The reason is that the SAP Solution Manager server was probably not correctly configured.

To fix this issue, the HP QC Add-on should be installed on the SAP Solution Manager system. This add-on is part of the HP QC Adapter license (in the past this was installed on the GTE server).
The documentation for the HP QC adapter configuration is available in the following SAP guide: (SAP Solution Manager Adapter for SAP Quality Center by HP.pdf).
The document for the “BPCA integration” (complement to the above configuration to additionally allow BPCA integration) is available in the SAP guide: (Business Process Change Analyzer How-to Guide.pdf).

Access to the SAP documentation from SAP domain requires an SAP account and it is recommended to consult SAP support for further help with SAP Solution Manager configuration.

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