Troubleshooting and Limitations – .NET Web Forms


  • xpath and css properties are not supported for .NET Web Forms test objects or for other Web-based test objects that have .NET Web Forms parent test objects.
  • Tests on WbfTreeView test objects that contain special characters may not run as expected.

Workaround: To run a test on a WbfTreeView item that contains special characters, use the #index format. See the .NET Web Forms Object Model Reference Help for details.

  • WbfTreeView, WbfToolbar, and WbfTabStrip test objects are not supported for browser control applications.
  • Active Screen operations are not supported for WbfTreeView, WbfToolbar, and WbfTabStrip objects.
  • Performing a Select or Expand operation on a WbfTreeView object that causes page navigation may fail due to a synchronization problem.

Workaround: Try running the test on the WbfTreeView object step-by-step, meaning instead of using WbfTreeView.Select "item1;item2;item3;"
WbfTreeView.Expand "item1"
WbfTreeView.Expand "item1;item2"
WbfTreeView.Select "item1;item2;item3;"

  • Working on a .NET Web Forms application that has calendars with more than one unified style is not fully supported.
  • The value of the Selected Date and Selected Range identification properties is always none for WbfCalendar objects in selection mode none.
  • To retrieve correct values for WbfCalendar Selected Date and Selected Range identification properties, the selected date or range must be currently visible in the Web Forms application.
  • All operations on grouping areas in WbfUltraGrid objects (Infragistics UltraWebGrid) are not recorded.
  • Operations performed in a rapid sequence on WbfUltraGrid objects may not be recorded.

Workaround: Try to limit the recording to 1-2 operations per second. WbfUltraGrid column names are comprised of the inner HTML of the column header, and therefore may include extraneous information.

  • WbfUltraGrid may fail to sort columns in a descending order when the column is not already sorted.

Workaround: Split the Sort call into two calls—first sort in ascending order, then sort in descending order. For example:


WbfUltraGrid("UltraWebGrid1").Sort "Model","Descending"


WbfUltraGrid("UltraWebGrid1").Sort "Model","Ascending"
WbfUltraGrid("UltraWebGrid1").Sort "Model","Descending"

  • Note that Visual Basic .NET applications are supported by the Unified Functional Testing .NET Add-in.

Creating, Editing, and Running Testing Documents

  • UFT may recognize some Web Forms grids as WebTables instead of WbfGrid test objects.

Workaround: Do one of the following:

o Modify the Web forms control so that it meets one of the following conditions:

§ The class attribute contains the string DataGrid.

§ The id attribute contains at least one of the strings DataGrid or GridView.

o Modify the rules that UFT uses to determine when to identify a Web Forms table control as a DataGrid or GridView (and learn it as a WbfGrid test object).

These rules are defined in:
<UFT installation folder>\dat\WebFormsConfiguration.xml.

The file contains comments that describe its format and explain how to use it.

  • If recording a test containing .NET Web Forms objects, it can be run only on Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • When recording, UFT must be open and record options should be defined before opening the.NET Web Forms application.

Checkpoint and Output Values

  • WbfTreeView, WbfToolbar, and WbfTabStrip objects are not properly recognized in the Active Screen. Therefore:
    • It cannot be inserted checkpoint or output value steps for these objects from the Active Screen.
    • If is selected to insert checkpoints for these objects from the Keyword View or Editor while in edit mode, the expected values of these objects may be incorrect.

Workaround: Insert checkpoint or output value steps on these objects during a recording session or remove the Active Screen for the relevant step and then insert a checkpoint from the Keyword View or Editor with the application opened to the proper location, so that the values will be retrieved from the application.

  • Text checkpoints are not supported for WbfTreeView, WbfToolbar, and WbfTabStrip objects.
  • The Active Screen image for a WbfCalendar object is always saved before navigation. For example, if it is clicked a NextMonth link, the Active Screen displays the current month. Therefore, if going to create a checkpoint from the Active Screen and insert it after the Calendar.ShowNextMonth line, the checkpoint will fail.

Workaround: Do one of the following:

  • Insert checkpoints on calendar objects while recording.
  • While editing the test, edit the expected value for the checkpoint or insert the checkpoint before the current step.

Table checkpoints are supported for WbfUltraGrid objects only while recording. When using the WbfUltraGrid.RowCount and WbfUltraGrid.ColumnCount methods or performing a table checkpoint on a grid that also contains additional grid controls inside it, UFT retrieves the rows or columns only for the outermost table. Note that the rows property and RowCount method count only the non-grouping rows.

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