Change the paths to called external Actions

Use the External Action Call Modifier Utility from QuickTest Plus

The QuickTest Plus 8.x files contain a utility that will allow you to modify the paths to called reusable Actions.

The information in QuickTest Plus is provided on an as-is basis. While efforts were made to ensure the accuracy of the information and utilities provided, Mercury cannot guarantee that all information is up-to-date and that all utilities and code samples work as expected. Additionally, compatibility of the included information and utilities with any future release of QuickTest cannot be guaranteed. Mercury Customer Support Organization may not be able to provide support for problems encountered while using QuickTest Plus.

There are some conditions that must be met for the utility to work:
1. The test calls external Actions.
2. The tests containing the reusable Actions were moved to a new location.
3. The move of the called test was done by hand using the file system or Quality Center/TestDirector, but not by using Save As within QuickTest Professional.

The utility does not work with relative paths. You cannot modify or add relative paths using this utility. If you want to use relative paths, you will need to recreate the main test script (the one that calls the other Actions).

To access the utility:
1. Open QuickTest Plus.
2. Go to QuickTest Plus 8 -> Utilities -> External Action Call Modifier Utility.
3. Click the "Click here to invoke the utility" link to start the utility.

To use the utility:
1. Launch the utility (see above).
2. In the Test path field, enter the path for the main test (the test containing the called Actions). Use the browse button if desired. The table will populate with a list of external Actions.
Actions calls marked with a check indicate the Action was found and QuickTest Professional will find it on replay. Action calls marked with a question mark indicate the Action was not found and QuickTest Professional will not find it on replay. These Actions will generate a "Missing Action" error on replay.
3. Select an Action call with a question mark next to it.
4. Edit the path to the Action call.

a. Use F2 to edit the actual test path entry in the field.

b. Use F3 or the "…" item in the relevant line to browse for the new test path.

You cannot enter a relative path.
You can right-click on a line in the grid to access a context-menu with "Delete" and "Browse" options.

5. Repeat as needed to edit all problem Actions.
6. Click <Save> to save all the changes you have made.
7. Click <Close>