Analysis “Failed to execute tshark” error

Shunra Analytics fails to analyze transactions: The following transactions could not be analyzed

Analytics may fail if there is missing key file. Go to the Settings (top right icon) -> HTTPS keys. Make sure that the list of key files still exist in the specified folder. If not, then delete the entry.

Unable to open Predictor installed on LoadRunner/Performance Center Analysis v12

If you receive the below error while opening the Predictor on a machine where LoadRunner/Performance Center Analysis v12.

Shunra NV Predictor for HP cannot open the HP LoadRunner Analysis reports. Ensure that the HP LoadRunner Analysis version is supported and the configuration is correct. Refer to the Shunra NV Predictor for HP Quickpage for more details

It is a known issue due to compatibility problem with LoadRunner/Performance Center Analysis v12.

Please replace the attached files as per below steps

1. Navigate to Predictor Installation directory. By default C:\Program Files (x86)\Shunra\SNVPredictor\Bin

2. Backup the files PredictorAnalysisLauncher.exe.config & SNVPredictor.exe.config

3. Replace the files attached Predictor8.6 Config files for HP Analysis 12