Procedure for restoring a corrupted or damged Object Repository file in QTP/UFT

Users sometimes find problems related to the use of a damaged or corrupted Object Repository (OR) file (.tsr) in QuickTest Professional (QTP) or Unified Functional Testing (UFT). How can this damaged file be repaired?

It is always advisable to take regular back-up copies of important object repository (.tsr) files, so that users can roll-back when problems occur.
However, if it is possible to open the repository file itself, then users can restore a repsitory under the Object Repository Manager. This can be found under Resources > Object Repository Manager in QTP/UFT itself.
With the problematic repository file open, users can then export this to XML format under File > Export to XML. The XML file than can be imported in new OR under File > Import from XML.
In many cases, the above procedure has been seen to resolve OR corruptions. However, regular back-ups of important .tsr files is strongly recommendable in order to avoid loosing important information due to OR corruption.

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