Error: “Access is denied” when running QuickTest SAP scripts remotely

Error “Access is denied” when running QuickTest SAP scripts remotely from TestDirector on a local machine.

Other things that can occur are:

  • On the QuickTest machine:
    • QuickTest SAP UI does not open.
    • QTBP.exe process never terminates.
    • “RPC server is unavailable” error message may appear.

  • On the TestDirector executing machine:
    • “connecting..” message remains on the Test Run Scheduler indefinitely.

This may be due to not having the latest build of QuickTest/SAP or DCOM is not configured correctly.

To resolve this issue
Configuring DCOM for QuickTest SAPThe user name and password used to log onto the TestDirector machine must be identical to the one on the QuickTest machine with permissions to the common directory and QuickTest (if not you must create the identical user on the QuickTest machine).

On the QuickTest machine:

  1. Go to Start -> Run and type “dcomcnfg” (without quotes).
  2. From the list of Applications, click on Quicktest for R/3 testcase.
  3. Click <Properties>.
  4. Under the Location tab, verify the “Run application on this computer” option is selected.
  5. Under the Security tab, verify you have the Custom option checked for all three items.
  6. Under “Use custom access permissions,” click <Edit> and verify you have the following entries; if not, you can add them by clicking <Add>.

    • SYSTEM
    • Everyone
    • User logging into the machine (for example, kgurusamy (Kalidass Gurusamy), again, the user must be identical to user logged onto TestDirector machine)
    • Administrator

  7. Repeat step 6 for “Use custom launch permissions.”
  8. Under the Identity tab, verify you have the Interactive user checked (instead of “The Launching User”).

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