How to setup Scheduler log in ALM

Note: These logs, if enabled, starts getting collected at moment of operning Automatic Runner dialog/window of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

  1. Locate file: C:\Windows\Mercury.ini
  2. If file is not present, then launch/login-to at least once the Site Administrator of ALM

    Note: If file does not exist,
    use this copy, and paste it on mentioned path
  3. Open on a text editor the file: C:\Windows\Mercury.ini
  4. Ensure it contains the following structure. Note: the path used, be sure to be short just like mentioned below


  5. Close any ALM client (close browser)
  6. On next execution from ALM, a file with Syntax similar to below would be generated:

    Syntax: Scheduler_DDMM_HHMMSS.log, where DD is days, MM is month, HH hours, MM minutes, SS seconds
    Example: Scheduler_0607_110756.log

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