“Too many open files” error in ALM wrapper log

When ALM is deployed on Linux and the error “Too many open files” exists in the wrapper logs, this is an indicator the “open file” limit on the Unix file system has been exceeded.

This can cause issues where attachments can’t be opened, tests executed, inability to open scripts or save scripts.

By default the “open file” limit on Linux is set to 1024; the number of concurrently open files.

To determine the “open file” value type the following in the Unix shell…

utlimit -a

Many results will be returned. Examine the value of the “open files” parameter.

To correct do the following…

1) Using vi or similar method, open the file /etc/security/limits.conf

2) Add the following lines to the file…

root soft  nofile <value>
root hard  nofile <value>

For example…

root soft  nofile 2048
root hard  nofile 2048

The value should be increased until the “Too many open files” error goes away. Start by doubling the current value.

3) Save the file
4) Restart Linux

Suggest checking to make sure the changes were implemented by issuing: ulimit -a
Then check the “open files” limit to make the changes took place.

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