Changes to devtype records with application patch 9.41.0020 in Service Manager

There are 4 devtype records identified as “Renamed” during the application of the OOB patch 9.41.0020. Obviously those records were modified or they wouldn’t have been “renamed”, but only changed the Sub Types and not the other elements and these are the things that have been change with the patch. For example, the Attr File, Join Def, and Bulk Update Format Name changed for the Computer devtype. The Attr File has changed from computer to node and the Join Def changed from joincomputer to joinnode. The same change was made for the Mainframe, Network Components, and Storage devtypes. All now have an Attr File of node but the node file does not contain all the combined records of the previous 4 Attr Files

The reason why the new devtype record exist it’s because in the newer versions of Ucmdb all server, computer, mainframe and other similar devices are consider nodes, and because of that these new devtype records were modified to match the new sending methodology by Ucmdb.

Still it’s possible to use any of them either the existent ones prior upgrade or the new ones. The main different will be the attribute table node as you have seen its meant to store attributes for all those types of CIs together.

If you are integrated with Ucmdb and Ucmdb is using the old devtype can keep doing that, there is no impact other than the fact the data will get stored across the different attribute tables if the devtype existent uses different tables.

Accept OOB changes when possible, so if it will not affect but why for example the computer attr file contains X records but the number of records in the node file does not change after the patch is applied. Shouldn’t the node file now have the original value (before patch) and the additional x records now added? Right now the data will remain in the current tables because unless a different version of Ucmdb that will use ucmdbNode web service node tables will not handle any data. Once that change is done then the data should sync to the correct table and on.