Format control calculation initialize Resolve time as NULL

There is an OOB calculation on format control IM.update.incident which initializes resolved.time, NULL on initialization of format.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Resolve an Incident

2. Save the Incident

3. Exit and again search the Incident

4. Resolve time is NULL

If user saves the record it make the resolve time NULL. in $file=NULL; in $file=NULL;resolved.time in $file=NULL; in $file=NULL;adj.resolution.time in $file=NULL


Go to trigger and set a trigger –>add.resolution.infomation

Table name–>probsummary

Tigger Type –>3 – Before Update

Application –>leave blank

if(record.problem_status==’Resolved’ && oldrecord.problem_status !=record.problem_status)





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