Reopen closed Incident from Interaction is now allowed

Service Desk Interactions with a Notify By value of Telephone will set to Callback status when the linked Incident is closed. However, the ability to reopen the Incident from within the Interactions Required Actions does not exist. Users are presented with a Closed Incident with no ability to reopen it.


The following steps will work around the problem.

1. Create a new RuleSet with the following:

Name: im.reopen

Available as Action: true

Name: Reopen Incident

Table name: probsummary

Rules: Call a Process "im.reopen"

2. Copy the Workflow "Incident" – along with the RuleSets – and give it a new name

Select the Phase "Closure" in the chart.

In tab "Action", add one action:

Id: Reopen

Action: Reopen Incident

Location: Tray

Action Condition: $G.ess="false" (select Variable $G.ess equal Value false)

3. Assign the new Workflow

4. The ability to reopen the closed Incident is present

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