APM 9.40 – Weird symbols in EUM reports

APM 9.40 installed in Linux
When generating the EUM report “BPM Performance over time” or “Metrics overtime” the timestamp of the header of all columns doesn’t dshowa proper timestamp,
but a string like “@_@15”
image text

This does not happen on a APM 9.40 on Windows installation.

In APM’s eum.log the following error is logged when the report is generated:

(EumBaseTablePresentationBuilder.java:127) ERROR – Failed to generate table presentation model for PerformanceMatrixTable
java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key format.HOUR_minute

Some tests done:

on a working system I generated a report at 01/15, showing data points at 15:02, 16:00, 17:00, after saving the report via the browser in one of the files

(in my case it’s “HPE Application Performance Management (running on sov02bac13.eu.hpecorp.net)_files”\PIDefaultEntryPoint_data\newReport_data\DrawSkeletonAction_data\ajaxNavigate.htm
 using F12 -> tab Inspector in Mozilla, or F12 in IE does the same trick)
I can see for a table cell with time “15:02”
 <td realcellindex=”3″ title=”15:02″ .. name=”@_@1516024920″ ..
for the field with time “16:00” I can see
 <td realcellindex=”4″ title=”16:00″ .. name=”@_@1516028400″
so in my case we do have the correctly displayed time, “15:02”, I guess via the element “title” but also this strange string “@_@1516024920”, which turns out to be the EPOCH date/time.
1516024920 = 15/01/2018 15:02:00
on a failing system, the HTML code when disaplying the report shows the bad values as column title:
title=”@_@151623633″ .. name=”@_@151652633″ ..
which (I think) explains what we see, a column title “@_@15”,
while in my system’s case I have
title=”15:02″ .. name=”@_@1516024920″ ..
and thus I see  “15:02” as column title.
On Windows environments the code doesn’t refer to the property “format.HOUR_minute” but on Linux it does due to some conditions.
Also the property “format.HOUR_minute” is missing in some of the localizaion files.
There was a localization parameter missing.
The code has been fixed to take the correct parameter.

A hotfix is available via QCCR1I130187

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