Installation of SM9.50 fails on RHEL7 with signal 11

Signal 11 segment fault might happen in RHEL7.x OS when running smserver, the call stack trace in log file would look like:

RTE I [Curr.Frame][Next Frame][ProgCountr]

RTE I [0xF6154A68][0xF6154A88][0xF7E67BE3], void*, void*)(+0x002B)(0xF7FD4400,0x0000000B,0xF6154B0C)

RTE I [0x00000000][0xF6294931]


This is a known ORCALE 32 BIT client issue, the detail information can be found at:


Create an empty file/etc/sysconfig/64bit_strstr_via_64bit_strstr_sse2_unaligned as root user.