Sitescope Siebel Monitor parameters for DB Alert

We are using DB alert to insert into a custom table in event of a monitor error.
As part of the insert statement we would like to include the Siebel monitor parameters
Example like “groupname” give the name of the group. I would like to similarly use the “Siebel host name:” and “Application server” and “Enterprise server”
Example use sql like
INSERT INTO TESTTABLE VALUES (‘name’,<name>, ‘currentTime’, <currentTime>, ‘group’,<group>,’Siebel host name’, ‘<Siebel host name>’, ‘Enterprise server’, ‘<Enterprise server>’ )

Use <gethostname> parameter. This can be used to display the host name for the monitor. You can check in UsingSiteScope document.
Besides, SiteScope does not support the other parameters like Application server and Enterprise server.

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