Troubleshoot OMI-Service Manager Integration

Proper debug settings and parameters are needed in both Service Manager and OMI to troubleshoot the integrations.

This integration works on different ways, this document helps when it’s a ticket creation.

Usually in these cases, we need to get two trace files. One in Service Manager and the other one in the OMI OPR logs, what we need to do is to manually send a ticket to Service Manager, while tracing, and capture the IDs to get both the request and response. The idea is to see the request leaving OMI, reaching SM, being processed in Service Manager, response sent from Service Manager, response received to OMI.

In Service Manager (only to the port selected under the Connected Servers in OMI console):






/conf/core/Tools/log4j/opr-scripting-host then info will be printed in /log/opr-scripting-host

/conf/core/Tools/log4j/wde then info will be printed in /log/wde

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