About Silverlight protocol and versions suppported with LoadRunner 11

About Silverlight protocol and versions suppported with LoadRunner 11

Silverlight is a new protocol introduced in LoadRunner 11.

When Web Services data is encrypted and if binary data is transferred between the client and the server, the protocol advisory in LoadRunner 9.5x will not detect any protocol. This is handled using Silverlight protocol in LoadRunner 11. Silverlight is a separate protocol by itself, and it is based on Web HTTP/HTML and Web Servces.

LoadRunner 11 fully support Silverlight versions 2 and 3. There is limited support for Silverlight version 4.

Silverlight 4 Client is supported, however applications developed using the new communication features such as net.tcp binding are not supported. If you have issues with Siverlight 4, please open a case with Technical Support regarding its supportability.

Server-side: HP supports backward compatibility. That means, if you are only using in Silverlight 4 applications the old features from Silverlight 3 or Silverlight 2, we will support it. As long as you use normal web service calls, binary encoding, text encoding and transport security, all these will be supported.

NOTE: HP does not support net.tcp binding with LoadRunner 11.

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  1. Can share how to do correlation in win32 silverlight application (thick client)? We have a requirement to do the load/ stress test for win32 silverlight application. We successfully recorded the script but unable to replay as SessionID is generated by client side in GUID format. When replaying the script, script runs fine with the user it gets recorded but failed for other users.
    Can you let me know if there is any way to handle the above issue?

    Thanks in advance


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