Avoid high CPU usage while running SAPGUI Vusers

When running a load test with 10 SAPGUI Vusers on a remote generator, the smmdrv.exe file is found to be using up more than 80% CPU.

To reduce the amount of CPU used during a load test turn off the "Save Snapshot" option in the Run-Time Settings as follows:

1. Open the script in VuGen.

2. Open the Run-Time settings dialog:

· Clear the "Take active script snapshot during replay" checkbox.

Note: If this option is disabled, you need to first select the "Show SAP client during replay" option, then clear this option.

· Clear the "Show SAP client during replay" option.

3. Click <OK> and save the script.

4. Add the new script to the Controller.

5. Replay the script without changing the Run-Time Settings from the Controller.

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