Does Sprinter 11.0 support testing Siebel applications

Sprinter 11.0 does not have special support for testing Siebel applications. It is recommended to use QuickTest Professional(QTP) for testing Siebel applications.

URL attachments to Sprinter test steps are always opened with Google Chrome

When Google Chrome is installed on the Sprinter system, URL attachments to Sprinter test steps are opened through Chrome browser even if the system default browser is Internet Explorer or FireFox and .url file extension is associated to one of them.

This is a defect in Sprinter, it takes the browser path from a path set in the Windows registry key (Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\http\shell\open\command).

This will be solved in future Sprinter releases. As a workaround until then, please perform the below steps to modify Sprinter behavior when opening URL attachments:

1. Open Windows registry by selecting “Start > Run” and typing regedit.

2. Navigate to the registry key: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\http\shell\open\command

3. Edit the string value contained in the key as: “<path_to_iexplore.exe>” –nohome

4. Restart the machine to allow the changes to take effect.

“Invalid Command Line…” error when trying to launch Sprinter Results Viewer from ALM/QC intertface with user which ALM/QC user name contains spaces

"Invalid Command Line…received at Sprinter Viewer"

It seems that the command line is not parsed properly and the user name is split after each space character.

Open the results directly in Sprinter from ‘Test Lab -> Execution Grid -> Continue with Sprinter’ or from ‘Test Instance Details -> Runs -> Continue with Sprinter’.

SAP GUI hangs and shows display problems when using Sprinter to record user actions against it

After a few minutes of run with Sprinter 11 patch 9 against SAP GUI 7.20, SAP GUI 7.20 controls are displayed in different positions of the screen from those where they should appear. When this happen, SAP GUI hangs partially (it is not in "Not Responding" status but no actions can be performed) and Sprinter stops recording user actions against SAP GUI. No memory increase/general system performance decrease is observed when the problem occurs. The issue takes place exclusively with SAP GUI, other applications do not show it.

SAP GUI 7.20 does not have the minimum patch level necessary for Sprinter.

To fix this issue, the minimum SAP GUI 7.20 patch level needed to record and run tests with Sprinter is patch level 4. To work around this problem, please install SAP GUI 7.20 patch 4 or higher.

The same issue can occur for SAP GUI 6.40. For this version make sure to install SAP GUI 6.40 patch level 2 or later.

Error: The Sprinter agent is currently being used by a different user on the secondary machine

After installing Sprinter patch 7 or any later Sprinter patch, the error message "The Sprinter agent is currently being used by a different user on the secondary machine" is returned when trying to perform mirroring and the user from the primary machine is different to the one logged in to the secondary machine.

This did not take happen with prior Sprinter patches.

This issue is caused by a change introduced in Sprinter patch 7 (and therefore later patches as they are cumulative).

Through this modification Sprinter prevents mirroring when the process user on the primary machine and the logged in user on the secondary machine are not the same.

It is possible reverting Sprinter to the behavior prior to patch 7 and therefore allow mirroring between different users.

Please follow the below instructions to do so:

1. Open “SprinterAgent.exe.config” file located in the <Sprinter Installation Folder>\bin folder with any text editor.

2. Search for the flag SprinterAgentAcceptIncomingCallsFromAnyUser and set it to True.

In other words, replace:

<add key="SprinterAgentAcceptIncomingCallsFromAnyUser" value="False"/>


<add key="SprinterAgentAcceptIncomingCallsFromAnyUser" value="True"/>

3. Repeat steps #1 and #2 on the primary and all secondary machines.

Setup Sprinter logs

Location of Sprinter logs

1. Go to Windows Start, then to "Run"

2. Type command: %appdata%\HP\Sprinter\Log\

3. Click "Ok" (or press Enter key)

Configuration of Sprinter logs

1. Close Sprinter

2. Erase or rename the log(s) files.

3. Open the configuration file:

· Core features: Sprinter.exe.Config file (<Sprinter>\bin\Sprinter.exe.Config, for example: "C:\Program Files\HP\Sprinter\bin\Sprinter.exe.Config")

· Others:

o SprinterRTE.exe.Config file (Mirroring feature)

o SprinterAgent.exe.config

4. Locate on opened configuration file, the XML node structure equivalent to below:




<add switchValue="All" name="General">

5. Change the value for the xml attribute called "switchValue" to be "All"

6. Restart Sprinter

7. Reproduce undesired behavior

8. Collect logs

How to exclude java application from hooking to QuickTest Professional / Sprinter Java support

When QuickTest Professional (QTP) or HP Sprinter and java application (for example Lotus Notes Client 8.5.1) are installed on the same machine, even if QTP or Sprinter is not used to test Lotus Notes we see that Lotus Notes application will crash unexpectedly on startup.

Prevent the Java agent from injecting in the Java Virtual Machine (jvm):

Find the process name of the application that is crashing (shown in the Task Manger). For example "notepad.exe"

Go to Registry (Start>Run>regedit)

Navigate to registry key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mercury Interactive\JavaAgent\Modules"

Note: On 64 bits operating system, locate path under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Mercury Interactive\JavaAgent\Modules

Create a DWORD value with the same name as the process name of application.

Set the value as "0"

Note: The above steps only apply to application that run with .exe (if it’s a jar or bat file, the suggestion will not work).