Configure the credential of the remote shared folder used by GWs during the configuration of the Load Balancer

When configuring Business Availability Center (BAC) or Business Service Management (BSM), Gateway’s (GW) in a load Balancing mode, we need to configure a remote shared folder in the network to use it for Offline/Online data used by reports as recommended by the Deployment Guide.

Sometimes the user needs to run BSM Service as "Local System account" for security reason or when the shared folder belongs to a different domain then BAC/BSM machines.

Since BAC/BSM run as a service, it is possible to make the shared directory accessible when the Operating System (OS) starts by sharing the remote Folder and Grant to BAC/BSM host the full control privilege, by adding it with $ symbol at the end: "servername$" then give him full credential.

Edit Local Machine policy using the MMC console and add the user "NT Authority\System" as part of the users that may Logon as a service on the Local machine.

Try to connect to see if BSM has access to the directory after configuring apache as described in the Deployment Guide.

The above example is for "Local System account" but it’s the same for any different user.

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