Correlation rules are not working in LoadRunner 11

Correlation rules are not working in LoadRunner 11

The reason why the correlation rules are not working is because the value to be correlated in the generation log in response body is in Plain text format, but when it is used in the script it is in URL format.

for instance in the generation log value is
"3,10 Feb 2011 18:50:13 -0000"

in the script the value is
"3%2C10 Feb 2011 18%3A50%3A13 -0000"

The same value "3%2C10 Feb 2011 18%3A50%3A13 -0000" is also a part of the request body, hence is not being captured.

The automatic correlation rule only handles 2 conversions for formatting as follows:

1. From HTML to URL

2. From URL to HTML

it does not handle Plain text to URL

When you do manual correlation, we are capturing the value and then using the function web_convert_param () to convert the plain text format to URL format, and hence it can be handled on the script. The correlation rules does not have the same level of flexibility as manual functions.

To fix this issue manually correlate the value.

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