Error: “-27751: Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading resource(s)…” even though timeout is set

The following error occurs even after setting receive and connect timeouts in the script using the web_set_timeout() function:

Error -27727: Step download timeout (120 seconds) has expired when downloading resource(s). Set the "Resource Page Timeout is a Warning"

This error indicates that the page download timeout limit has been exceeded. To specify a different limit value, do the following:

Go to Run-Time settings,

Go to Internet Protocol -> Preferences and select the "Options" button,

Change the "Step DownLoad Timeout (secs)" from the default value of 120 seconds to the desired value.

Note that in the Run-Time Setting dialog, the maximum limit for step download timeout is 32000 seconds. To specify an increased limit, use the web_set_timeout() function as follows:

web_set_timeout(STEP, "xx"); //for regular web Vuser

web.set_timeout(STEP, "xx"); //for regular Java / JavaScript Vuser

The Step Download Timeout encompasses all requests made from a single LoadRunner statement. For example, a step in the script may consist of a single request to the server, or may consist of 10 requests. For example an HTML mode web_url request to would consist of an initial request to the Google server for the main HTML file. After parsing this HTML file, further additional resources will be downloaded (e.g. .gif files). In HTML mode, these resources are downloaded automatically as a part of the web_url for Thus, the Page Download Timeout will encompass all the requests, that is, the initial request and the requests arising from any related resources).

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