Error: “Compile error in hidden module: CTDServers” when using the Excel macro

When using the Excel macro to export data into a TestDirector project, the following error message appears:

"Compile error in hidden module: CTDServers."

The macro may not have been started properly or the appropriate library is not being used.

This can happen for TestDirector or TestDirector for Quality Center.

Possible solutions:

1.. a. Open Excel.

b. Go to File -> Open.

c. Open your "Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office1x\XLStart\TDExcelAddin.xla" file.

2. Make sure that OTA COM Type Library is selected:

a. Within Excel, Go to Tools -> Macro -> Visual Basic Editor.

b. Select VBAProject TDExcelAddin.xla (highlight). (please contact Mercury Interactive support for the default password)

c. Go to Tools -> References.

d. Scroll down to OTA COM Type Library, move it up in the list and make sure it is selected.

3. Re-install the Excel Macro.

a. Select Start -> Settings -> Add/Remove Programs.

b. Select "TestDirector Microsoft Excel Add-in" to un-install the Excel Macro.

c. Download and re-install the Excel Macro from the TestDirector Add-in page.

4. Get the TDExcelAddin.xla file from a working machine and replace that of the affected machine. TDExcelAddin.xla is located at "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE1x\XLStart".

Run the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in which provides the ota objects necessary for excell addinFixed the paths and OTA COM type Library version

Note : If none of the suggested solutions works, get the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\XLStart\TDExcelAddin.xla file from a working machine and replace that of the affected machine.

For later versions of ALM please use the HP Quality Center Connectivity Add In available from the Add-ins page.

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