Error deploying PC11 extensions to base ALM 11.0

Error deploying PC11 extensions to base ALM 11.0

This error is seen when installing the base extensions after the ALM 11.0 base installation as part of PC11.

Structure validation failed. The extension "Performance Center – Project Extension" is missing the required file "\repository\sa\DomsInfo\MaintenanceData\SchemaXMLs\extensions\PCPROJECT_1.0\db_xmlmap.xml".

The issue was caused because the ISO package Software_HP_PC_11.00_Win_Installation_T7330_15008, when uncompressed and copied from a remote system to the user’s ALM server, was missing a significant number of installation files in the directory structure, causing this issue.

To resolve this copy the image ISO to the ALM server and uncompress it locally which will fix the issue by correctly installing the base extensions. There will be no missing files in the installation image when it is uncompressed locally.

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