Errors when viewing a running tests in MyPerformanceCenter Getting errors when viewing a running tests in MyPerformanceCenter

If you are getting the following error:

Performance Center has encountered a fatal error‘ problem when trying to watch a test in MyPerformanceCenter. There are two ways to get reconnected: use a different ID, or build a new scenario. Once the user gets the error with a scenario, you can never connect to the running test again, though the MyPerformanceCenter main page is not affected, and neither is ALM.


To fix this issue , Go to the project database and execute the following query:


Delete from LAB_PERSONALIZATION where LP_USER_NAME='<username>


Perform the following  steps for deleting a record from a table by going to the SQL Server database using SQL Server Management Studio –
– Choose the project database
– Choose the table LAB_PERSONALIZATION
-Right click on the table and choose “Edit top 200 rows” from the menu
-You can delete a table value or the entire row.


If you have any issues running the delete query suggested above, please try going to the SQL Server Management Studio directly to delete the row from the table.


Add the user now in Performance Center project in ALM.

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