How can OMi be helped to distinguish two CIs of the same type from each other when they both have identical names

Discovered topology does not help OMi to distinguish two CIs from each other because both CIs have identical names.

Users can configure CI resolution enrichment rules to enrich the CI resolution cache with additional keywords for a specific CI. These keywords are provided by another CI in their neighborhood. To enrich a CI, these steps can be followed:

1. Go to Admin -> Platform -> Infrastructure Settings – > Applications: Operations Management -> Operations Management – CI resolver Settings.

2. Modify the XML file under Cache Modification Configuration setting.

3. Add the Enrichment rule by adding a line like the one in bold before </CiResolver> after </IgnoreAttributes> tags as follows (in this particular case, jmsserver CI Types are enriched with the name attribute of related j2eedomain CI Types):






4. Save the setting and allow CI Resolver some time to cache again CIs based on new setting.

Following the example of step number 3., enrichment modification will make an event with CI Hint in form jboss_server:<domain_name> to be resolved with the appropriate jmsserver CI.

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