Installation of LoadRunner’s patch get stuck

Installation of LoadRunner’s patch get stuck

The installation of LoadRunner’s patch (version 11 and above) using the HP Update the installation get stuck before 100% (see image) and doesn’t finish for a long duration.


Verify that the download process has finished:

  1. Go to the %temp% folder.
  2. Open "iHP Runtime CustomActions HP_LoadRunner_<version number>.lo0"
  3. Check if the download has finished by searching of the following format:
    process terminated (dwExitCode=0, pi.dwProcessId=<number>, szCommandLine="C:Program FilesHPLoadRunnerrun_before_modify.bat" "3" "<time>" "C:DOCUME~1<current user>LOCALS~1TempHpUpdate23095qfe.msp" "" "" "LoadRunner" "" "")

If any of the above steps fails, try downloading the patch again.

Manually Install the the patch:

  1. Abort installation
  2. Go to the folder specified as download folder. For example: C:DOCUME~1<current user>LOCALS~1TempHpUpdate23095
  3. Run the qfe.msp

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