Java probes instrumentation on JBoss version 6.0

When injecting a Java Probe into a JBoss server, this has to be restarted. After the Restart of the Application Server, it is possible to see the following abnormal behavior:

JBoss boot.log does not appear under log folder of the same.

Server.log and <Application_server_name>.log are created but do not register any data and are sized 0 Kb.

All the above, appeared empty before adding the Java probe in the startup file of JBoss.

This does not seem to affect to either the probe (which starts normally) or the Diagnostics Server. The Diagnostics logs do not show any error related.

In order to resolve this, the following line has to be added on the java command line (or run.bat):


After the restart of the JBoss, all the expected logs will appear in the designated path.

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