Log4j management web interface for Business Service Manager 9.2x

This article will help you to work easier with the log4j logging levels & log files, when performing troubleshooting in Business Service Manager (BSM) 9.2x

There is a tool with web interface called BSM Logging Administrator.

Its access URL is:


One of the new useful functions is search. If you have a Java error message or exception, you can search for a specific appender name using the java class name that drops the error or info message.

Some of the log4j appender names correspond to the Java class names that they serve.

New custom log files can be created with the tool.

NOTE: Do not leave the DEBUG mode enable after the troubleshooting process!

Click on button “Back to Main Page” if it is visible and Search is not working.

If too many appenders are in DEBUG mode the HDD could get read/write overload and disk space issue.

Default folder for the log files is BSM/log/temp.

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