Sitescope (SiS) RunMonitor.log throws exception: The pipe is being closed The pipe is being closed

( ERROR – processID 15 onFailure processID 15 : Failed to write to stdout: E:\SiteScope\tools\perfex.exe *3860 \\<<remote_server_name -connect -u <user_name> -p <password> -timeout 120 -a, Process=15, exception: The pipe is being closed The pipe is being closed

The exceptions caused the Service monitors (total count = 20) to change their error/good counter status constantly.

In addition, Sitescope reported a huge number of Perfex Process Pool double failures.

Sitescope installation: Virtual machine with Windows 2003 server 32-bit, 1GB physical memory.

SiS sizing was performed without success.

During the troubleshooting session the traffic between SiteScope and Remote server by WireShark was attempted to be captured.

The traffic analysis shows that each time a monitor is in error status no traffic occurred.

It was also observed that the count of perfex processes within Sitescope service tree appeared to be unusually low.

This is also confirmed by the huge number of Server Statistics>Perfex Process Pool>double failures, displayed by the Health>connection Statistics Monitor>Process Manager: double failures counters as well.

It was concluded, the perfex processes did not have enough allocated memory to be performed, though JVM sizing performed.

The resolution is to increase the physical memory (e.g. 1GB to 2GB) for SiS environment so one can operate flawlessly.

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