Dataminer is not passing data to Service Automation Reporter

Error Messages from the dataminer.log file: INFO – – – – – "Configuration Path = /opt/opsware/dataminer" INFO – – – – – "Using configuration file /opt/opsware/dataminer/dataminer.conf" INFO – – – – – "Initializing …" INFO – – – – – "Running on Linux" INFO – – – – – "Cached Configuration file has been updated, […]

Query will not run/refresh data

While running a report in BSAE, the following oracle error appears: "ORA-01013:user requested cancel of current operation (wis 10901)" when trying to refresh the information. This is a known issue. The Business Objects (BO) reporting engine has a default setting that can cause this problem. 1.) Go the edit query screen and click on the […]

Unable to find import util /opt/opsware/hpln/lnc/util/anr_policy_creator.pyc error

While importing the Live Network libraries using /opt/opsware/hpln/lnc/bin/live-network-connector, the following error is obtained: Unable to find import util /opt/opsware/hpln/lnc/util/anr_policy_creator.pyc !. From the HPLN User Guide: "… security.cc_library stream is a prerequisite stream that enables all SA compliance streams". If this stream isn’t imported properly, no SA compliance stream will succeed. This explains why A&R Dynamic […]

BSAE: Reports cannot be run in the web client

The following message may appear while attempting to run a report in BSAE (Business Service Automation Essentials) web client (also known as BusinessObjects (BO)): A database error occurred. The database error text is: SQL statement to execute cannot be empty or null. (WIS 10901) This message can be caused by a number of situations. The […]

Import datamined users from Server Automation to BSAE in shorter intervals

How to get Business Service Automation Essentials (BSAE) user information updated more frequently when a change is made in the Server Automation (SA) side. In other words, decrease the time needed by SA to update BSAE with a new user creation. This command: # grep /etc/opt/opsware/omdb/ Will let the user check the actual interval […]