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Latency / Packet loss / Bandwidth for the predefined profiles in NV

These are the Latency, Packet Loss and Bandwidth values configured in the pre-defined network profiles in Network Virtualization and Network Virtualization for Mobile

Profile Name Latency (ms) Packet Loss (%) Bandwidth – Downlink (kbps) Bandwidth – Uplink (kbps)
3G 75 0 780 330
Edge 200 0 100 100
LTE 40 0 10000 7500
DSL 25 0 2000 256
100% Loss 0 100 10000 10000
Very Bad Network 500 10 1000 1000

* This applies to Network Virtualization v8.xx and Network Virtualization for Mobile v 88.xx


Network Virtualization statistics counters are not being displayed

When running a PC/LR load test with Network Virtualization, the NV statistical counters are not being displayed 

Please try these steps to resolve the issue.
1. Make sure that the times on all of the hosts are in sync.  It is recommended to use the same NTP Server to sync them
2. Make sure that the Controller and LG do NOT have the same hostname
3. Make sure that port 8182 are opened for all PC/LR hosts.
4. On the LG, start the Shunra NV Agent, chose the Active Adapter, and make sure that the adapter that is handling the test traffic is selected.
5. Make sure that the test scripts have the appropriate traffic (just ping test or think time do not count).