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Initialization of the ALM Octane Server

If you are not getting past the initialization of the ALM Octane Server and getting database connection issues like

error: url=’jdbc:mercury:sqlserver://′, dbType=MSSQL, userName=’sa’]. Error: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!

The root cause for this is the SQL services.The SQL Agent and Browser are not running, causing the connection issue between the DB and the Octane server.


Copy test with requirement coverage

User wants to have all the test cases with the linked requirement from 3 different projects to one new project.

• Go to Management module (old projects)
• Go Libraries
• Create a new Library
o Select all the requirements
o Select ‘Test covering selected requirements’
• Create a baseline
o Check the logs

• Import a library
• Check the logs
This copies the test and its requirement coverage as your user has requested.

The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name ‘dbo.LISTS’ and the index

Migrated our HP ALM to new windows server and sql server. Was able to migrate HP ALM to version 12.55 however projects fail to upgrade.

Getting the below error message after upgrading a project,

Exception occurred. Message: [Mercury][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name ‘dbo.LISTS’ and the index name ‘LS_LOGICAL_NAME_IDX’. The duplicate key value is (hp.qc.plan-status.imported).

In this case the issue is because there is a duplicate key in [dbo].[LISTS] table.

You may need to run the following query in order to identify which is the duplicated one : select * from [dbo].[LISTS] where ls_logical_name=’hp.qc.plan-status.imported’

In this case it seems that the value for the LS_NAME had been modified, the default value is "Imported" and in your case is "Feedback Provided".

So the application notices the original value does not exist so it insets it (as seen in the last upgrade attempt, after running it another one was created) and consequently this causes the index duplicate error.

For fixing this issue it is necessary to update the LS_NAME to the original value, then run the upgrade process and later you can update the records again and have the customized as desired. This will not affect the data that is already in the entities .

After that you may need to follow the next steps in order to resolve the issue:

To update the records a simple query like this can be used:
Update [td].[LISTS] set LS_NAME ‘Imported’ WHERE LS_ID = ‘355’

Structure validation failed. The extension “Performance Center – Lab Management Extension’ is missing the required file “epository.s&Domslnfo’Iv1aintenanceData\conf\extensions\enable_PCLA6.xmlStructure validation failed. The extension “Performance Center – Lab Management Extension’ is missing the required file “epository.s&Domslnfo’Iv1aintenanceData\conf\extensions\enable_PCLA6.xml.

User received the following error message when deploying the Patch Extensions on the ALM Server

The cause for this error is because the runPcQcConfigurator.bat not executed / LAB_PROJECT project is not created.

To fix this issue, On the ALM Platform server, navigate to the Configurator folder in the patch installation package (for English version), and run the runPcQcConfigurator.bat installation file.

Unable to collate results after ALM-PC 11.00 is updated to Patch 4v2

Using ALM-PC 11.00, the ALM server has been updated to SP2 and the PC servers and Hosts to patch 4v2. Since the update, the results collation on every load test fails and the following message is displayed on the PC session:

Result collation critical error. Reason: ‘There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/OTAOperationService3712 that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details. The pipe endpoint ‘net.pipe://localhost/OTAOperationService3712’ could not be found on your local machine. ‘

There were no errors reported in the either the ALM SP2 patch or the PC Server and Hosts patch installation. PC Lab Management System Health does not report any problem.

The root cause is unidentified but appears to be a problem with the installation of OTA client installed on the PC Host Controller.

1. On each PC Host and Server open a browser and make a connection to the ALM, e.g. http://<alm_server&gt;:8080/qcbin.

2. Select the ALM Add-Ins page > Quality Center Connectivity and download the add in to the PC machine.

3. Follow the instructions on you screen to install this add-in

4. Reset IIS on the PC Server

5. Run load tests with auto-collate + analyze and check the runs reach the Finished status.

Unable to connect to DB, Migration Tool for conversion from PC 9.51 to PC 11

Running the PC 11 DB Migration tool it generates an error, DB connection fails with error about TNS Oracle

Migrating the previous PC 9.51 Oracle database to the new PC 11 Oracle database fails in the connection between the ALM server and the Oracle database and the data can’t be migrated

The DB Migration tool uses the oracle service name to look up in tnsnames.

The tnsnames entry has a domain listed, but the service name look up might be using a different domain, in this case check the sqlnet.ora file and names.default_domain in order to determine which is the current connection domain.

Try adding another tnsname net service name entry using the same domain as that specified in sqlnet.ora default domain.

Getting errors when viewing a running tests in MyPerformanceCenter

During a load test you might encounter the following error:

‘Performance Center has encountered a fatal error’ problem when trying to watch a test in MyPerformanceCenter.

When you try to connect to the test with the same ID it results in the same error. As of now there are two ways to get reconnected: use a different ID, or build a new scenario. Once the user gets the error with a scenario, it appears they can never connect to the running test again, though the MyPerformanceCenter main page is not affected, and neither is ALM.

The cause of this issue is unknown and is still under investigation by HP.

To fix this issue

Go to the project database to execute to query, please try the following query:

Delete from LAB_PERSONALIZATION where LP_USER_NAME='<username>

Perform the following steps for deleting a record from a table by going to the SQL Server database using SQL Server Management Studio
– Choose the project database
– Choose the table LAB_PERSONALIZATION
-Right click on the table and choose “Edit top 200 rows” from the menu
-You can delete a table value or the entire row.

If you have any issues running the delete query suggested above, please try going to the SQL Server Management Studio directly to delete the row from the table.

Please add the user now in Performance Center project in ALM.