Run time error “Server Error in ‘LoadTest’ Application.” when we click on test

Run time error “Server Error in ‘LoadTest’ Application.” is observed when we click on scenario both in My Performance Center and DesktoClient version 12.56 . The full error message is: Server Error in ‘/LoadTest’ Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the […]

Rename Entity Type dropdown list Item in ALM 11.00

To rename Resource Type or Test Type in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 11.00 For example: QUICKTEST_TEST to QTP_TEST First of all, because this is a database (DB) change, it is highly recommended to make a back up of your project database before doing any changes on it. Please follow these steps in order to change […]

Setting keyword mapping in SAP Solution Manager

After creating some keyword mapping, in SAP Solution Manager, to synchronize some custom fields of SAP Blueprints with User Defined fields (UDF) of ALM Requirements, the synchronization does not seem to work. For example, as illustrated in the two next screenshots, after setting the keyword mapping in SAP Solution Manager, the next synchronization does not […]

“Failed to Restore Project” error

Messages: Failed to Restore Project; Stack Trace: org.bouncycastle.crypto.InvalidCipherTextException: pad block corrupted at org.bouncycastle.crypto.paddings.PKCS7Padding.padCount( at org.bouncycastle.crypto.paddings.PaddedBufferedBlockCipher.doFinal( at wrapped in Unable to finalize decryption for the following 16 bytes: [ -49, 70, 121, 104, -37, -48, -11, -24, 77, -2, -69, 17, 52, -16, -27, -102, ], 0 bytes were already precessed. Current configuration is: […]

Error HTTP 503 when trying to access Mtours

The error message appears when trying to access Mtours from Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Error Message: HTTP 503 The cause of this problem is because Mtours is disabled by default if it was not enabled during the intallation of ALM. To fix this issue and enable Mtours, follow these steps: 1. Open and edit the […]