Troubleshooting the CheckPoint Firewall Monitor

How to troubleshoot the CheckPoint Firewall Monitor

How the Monitor Works
The CheckPoint Firewall Monitor uses SNMP to access the Checkpoint host and queries for specific oids listed in the SiteScope\templates.applications\counters.cp file.

How to Troubleshoot

1) Ping server to verify network connectivity. A fully qualified domain name or IP address may need to be specified instead of just a hostname.

2) Walk the CheckPoint Firewall with an outside device (the mg-soft MIB Browser is a good choice) to verify the oids from the counters.cp file are available (this will also verify that the correct community is being used).

3) It is also possible use the SNMP by Mib monitor as an alternative, simply set it up with the MIB’s from the Vendor for the CheckPoint Firewall, and select the counters from the built out tree.

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