Troubleshooting the Cicso Works Monitor

How the Monitor Works

Prior to SiteScope the Cisco Works monitor would use a hard-coded list of OIDs to select from the SiteScope file. In and beyond it was changed to use the SNMP by Mib method so it looks for a file called CISCOWORKS-MIB.txt in the SiteScope templates.mib directory then walks the device and displays any oids that fall within that MIB.

How to Troubleshoot

1) If on a version of SiteScope prior to, upgrade the most recent version of SiteScope if possible. The SNMP by Mib technology used in is more reliable and accurate than the method used prior to

2) Verify that the CISCOWORKS-MIB.txt file exists in the SiteScope templates.mib directory. If it doesn’t then contact HP Support to obtain a copy of that file.

3) Note that the CISCOWORKS-MIB depends on a number of other mibs. If the CISCOWORKS-MIB doesn’t show up in the drop-down list of MIBs in the monitor setup, then the error.log will need to be checked for possible errors pointing to missing or corrupt MIBs besides the CISCOWORKS_MIB.

4) Walk the CISCOWORKS device with an outside device (the mg-soft MIB Browser is a good choice) to verify the oids from the CISCOWORKS MIB are available outside of SiteScope.

5) Use the ALL MIBs option or the SNMP by Mib monitor as alternatives.

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