Troubleshooting the Citrix Monitor

How to Troubleshoot the Citrix Monitor

How it Works
The Citrix Monitor uses Windows Performance Data Handler (PDH) API to connect to a server running Citrix and allows users to select counters from these three objects:

ICA Session
Terminal Services
Terminal Services Session

How to Troubleshoot

Make sure that all the requirements from the Citrix Server Monitor help file have been met:

· The SiteScope Citrix Server Monitor allows you to monitor the availability of an Citrix MetaFrame servers (MetaFrame 1.8 Service Pack 3, MetaFrame XP(s,a,e) Feature Release 1/Service Pack 1, and MetaFrame XP(s,a,e) Feature Release 2/Service Pack 2)

· The Remote Registry service must be running on the machine where the Citrix Server is running if Citrix is running on a Windows 2000 platform.

· The Citrix Resource Manager must available, installed, and running on the Citrix servers you want to monitor.

· One or more Citrix vusers need to have established a connection with the Citrix server in order to enable viewing of ICA Session object.

The following are additional troubleshooting tips for the Citrix Server Monitor.

1)Open a command line window (DOS prompt) and type the following command, substituting the hostname as appropriate:
C:\SiteScope\tools>perfex \\servername -u username -p password -h | find "ICA"
This should give you a response of:

(4476) ICA Session
(4477) This object has several counters that can be used to monitor the performance in ICA sessions
"ICA Session" 4476
performance in ICA sessions

If you do not see something like the above response, then either the counters are not available on the remote server or you will get a more descriptive error message indicating what might be the problem.

2) The Citrix monitor and the Windows Resource Monitor both connect using a different method (PDH) than the traditional SiteScope remote Windows monitors (Perfmon), so even though CPU and Memory monitors might work, these other monitors may fail. The access error can be normally be fixed by adding/editing an NT remote and using the fully qualified domain name like \\ rather than just \\servername for the server name. Edit the Citrix (or Windows Resource Monitor) and choose the FQDN definition from the drop-down list.

In SiteScope and there was a problem with the Citrix Monitor parsing counters with a "%" in them like Terminal Services Session | % Processor Time, this will be addressed in the next version of SiteScope.

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