Uploaded scripts from VuGen to ALM PC 11.00 fails – cannot display script content

Uploaded scripts from VuGen to ALM PC 11.00 fails – cannot display script content

Using ALM Performance Center 11.00 with SP2 installed on the ALM Platform and Patch 4v2 installed on the PC Hosts and Servers.

When trying to upload scripts from VuGen to the ALM 11.00 server using the “Save As” option, the Upload Script pop up in Windows that allows the Upload method to be selected is not displayed. The uploaded file is created in ALM 11 but trying to view the script file throws the error message:

Cannot display script content

Even after the VuGen and Patch 3 have been uninstalled and re-installed it again the problem might still be there.

This is because of the installation problem in a specific VuGen machine. If you try to upload the same files from several other VuGen machines it would work fine without any problem.

The problematic machine might have the products UnifiedReporting and Winrunner installed with Standalone Application (SA) VuGen 11.00.

The problem can be resolved with the following actions:

Remove the Winrunner and UnifiedReporting products from the problematic machine.

Uninstall Standalone Application (SA) 11.00 VuGen and SA 11.00 Analysis

Re-install SA VuGen and Analysis and apply 11.00 Patch 3 to these products

To verify the SA VuGen and Analysis installation with 11.00 Patch 3 installed. Open VuGen, go to Help > About Details. For a correct Performance Center SA machine with both SA VuGen and SA Analysis installed the Product Information page should display

Product Name: HP LoadRunner Software 11.00

Product Version:

Product Build: Build 9375

Installed Products:

Product Name Version


Installed Components:

Component Name Version


Load Generator

Online Documentation

Protocol SDK


Vuser Generator

Installed Patches:

Patch Name

HP Virtual User Generator 11.00 Patch 3

HP Analysis 11.00 Patch 3

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