VuGen AJAX (Click & Script) with Kerberos replay failure

VuGen version 11.03 using a protocol type AJAX Click & Script recorded with NTLM authentication. To change to Kerberos authentication the original script and Run Time Setting (RTS)  > Preferences > Set Advanced options > Authentication were set to Use Windows native NTLM implementation No and Enable Integrated Authentication Yes.

On the VuGen machine, a variable KRB5_CONFIG=c:\windows\krb5.ini is defined in Windows. In c:\Windows\krb5.ini the required information about the domain and the KDC is defined.

The following error is displayed when the script is replayed in VuGen:

Action.c(22): Error -27734: Internal Error – Miscellaneous failure
KDC reply did not match expectations

The cause of this error is because of the invalid RTS setting for Kerberos authentication and Web Click and Script

To fix this issue Select WinInet replay instead of Sockets In VuGen Run Time Settings (f4) > Preferences > Advanced

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