Does LoadRunner support Web applications with Flash

Does LoadRunner support Web applications with Flash

When the user is trying to record a Web application that has a link which launches a Flash presentation, the Flash will not play during replay. VuGen is not recording any of the actions performed in the Flash application.

Flash applications are downloaded whole and do not generate network requests

LoadRunner records and replays network communication between the client and the server.

Generally, a Flash presentation will be downloaded whole to the client machine and replayed there. In most cases, the download is the end of the client/server interaction (the presentation is now being replayed on the client machine using its resources – memory, cpu, etc.).

You can use the Web/Winsock Vuser type to see if any additional network requests are generated after the presentation is downloaded, but it is exceptional if there is. If no events are recorded as you interact with the Flash presentation, then it is a self contained document that no longer communicates with the server.

In this case, you can think of the Flash presentation as a large image that is being downloaded by the browser (it happens to animate and allow interaction, but that is not significant if it does not communicate to the server). So, VuGen does not need to record the actions within the Flash application, as these actions are not seen by the server.

Also note that the Flash presentation will not replay in the Run-Time Viewer when replaying the script. The Run-Time Viewer is simply a limited browser that does not feature Flash capabilities. Within the script, you should see an action that corresponds to the Flash presentation being downloaded. If this is being downloaded, then the replay is successful.


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