SM 9.40: SURVEY MODULE: Configure Survey for Mobility Client

1. In SurveyParameterMapping, there is not predefined mappingValue for Mob

So add one in global list (List Name: SurveyPredefinedParameters) {“{$EMAIL}”,”{$NAME}”,”{$LANGUAGE}”,”{$WEBURL}”,”{$ESSURL}”,”{$EXURL}”,”{$EXTSID}”,”{$SURVEYURL}”,”{$MOBURL}”}

{“Recipient Email”,”Recipient Name”,”Language”,”Web URL”,”ESS URL”,”External URL”,”External Survey ID”,”InternalSurvey URL”,”MOB URL”}

2. Then add Mob URL for Interaction module for the particular Connector ID. In this example adding the parameters for Internal Connector.

Add mobURL in Survey Connector (for interaction parameters) as highlighted in below snapshot.

3. ScriptLibrary: Survey_TaskProducer, add below line at Line: 117:

paramMap[“$MOBURL”] = url.mob;

4. ScriptLibrary: Survey_Utilities. Add below lines:

Line 134: var url = {“web”:””, “ess”:””, “mob”:””};

Line 172: url.mob = lib.urlCreator.getMobilityURLFromQuery(record_id);

5. System Information Definition:

Add a testing value for “mobility.url” field:

6. Schedule the Survey Interation record: S00003

7. Enable the SMSurvey in SMIS:

8. Make sure the Repeat Interval of Survey_Service_Agent within a few minutes:

9. Make sure the Repeat Interval of SMSurvey1 within a few minutes:

10. Now close any one of interaction record:

11. Check the record generated in eventout table:

Now we can see that the mobility.url has been displayed in the email message.

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