Worker machine error referring to “dockerd”

In general, the worker machines are working correctly, but they are presenting the following error
dockerd: time=”2019-01-29T22:29:32.451238492-05:00″ level=warning msg=”containerd:
unable  to save 008f4389030eea47e9b8a306cfca1f2fa3a45689336b967f02291aef8422ab42:f0e52fe2e76259219fe1c8d8831bc2503e0e4a94aa088a2e4dbd6941801bd055 starttime: read /proc/22054/stat: no such process”.

This problem will occur once a pod is restarted/delete/create and there were pending actions by dockerd script while the pod is terminating any pending processes will be terminated and if the actions completed prior the processes are killed to close all pending references could potentially try to complete an action into a process that no longer exist and will fail with the warning message. Since this is a warning and NOT an error message it’s important to monitor if pods are constantly restarting because restart should occur occasionally and not in a consistent basis.

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